Currently, I'm looking into some interesting projects that I could complete. The majority of these I am still currently researching, but I would like to begin work on them soon. None of these are specific for anything school or work related, they are just personal interest projects. Once I start working on them, I will make dedicated pages for each and post my work for them. However, between my time invested into school and work, there isn't a whole lot of time left in the day, but I'm trying to not let this inhibit my projects.

Electronics Work

Printing a circuit board There are printed circuit boards everywhere, inside almost everything that's electronic. It wasn't until recently that I realized how feasible it would be to design and print your own homemade circuit board. It's a relatively simple process, nothing extraordinary, however still very interesting and a powerful concept. The possibilities are nearly limitless, at least on a smaller scale, so I'm definitely going to try this out pretty soon. There are also quite a few how-to guides on the internet, here is an example, that explain the process behind it.

Building a Van de Graaff generator. Have you ever seen one of those metal balls on a tower that generate static electricity, and if you put your hand on it it would make your hair stand up? Well, that was a Van de Graaff generator. They essentially work by rubbing a bunch of electrons off of a material and transferring them up to the top of the machine where they reside on the surface of the metal ball. The process of building one shouldn't be too difficult, and an engineering friend of mine is interested as well. If you would like to read more, visit the Wikipedia page.



Programming Work

Custom Android App One of the things that I find my phone lacking is a good multi-timer program. My idea is a small app that lets you set and save timers that you've used, and then having multiple runs running in the background. These could be both count down and count up timers, and the count down timers would sound an audible alarm upon completion. One of the uses that I personally would have for this is in studying, and in my laundry. Setting time allotments aside to study and for breaks is key in getting as much done as you can while not wearing yourself down, and for laundry I have to reset my timer every time for a different setting, depending on what I'm doing. This app would simplify all of this for myself. Blackberry has a public method for programming,