Startup Weekend Louisville!

This past weekend was the third Startup Weekend for Louisville, and my second attending. If you haven't ever heard of Startup Weekend, you should definitely check them out ( ) - They are a fantastic organization that puts on hundreds of events a year called a "Startup Weekend". These are weekend long events focused around developing and launching a startup company from an idea in 54 hours. Action driven, customer validation oriented, participent owned - Stuff happens at these. Friday night many people pitch ideas on potential businesses, we vote on the best 10-14 of them, and then break into teams. Over the course of the weekend, teams go out and talk to customers, build a business model, potentially prototype, and of course network - All supported by 'mentors' (experienced people in the field) who aid groups where necessary.


I had an amazing time, and definitely have made a few new friends. Learned a ton about entrepreneurship and just getting stuff done. I plan on attending the next Startup Weekend, and I'd highly encourage everyone else to do the same! It's well worth your time, even if you have no experience in business.



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