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Design, Innovation, Discovery

To build something truly amazing, you have to go beyond the standard, achieve the impossible, and rethink the unthinkable.


Web Design

Making a more functional, customized, and beautiful internet. Please visit my Web Design Portfolio page for a few examples of my work. 


Exploring everything electrical in the hopes of finding new ways to improve and better our lives. My passion rests in technology, and my interest bounds into the future. Technology is what will carry us forward, and I will be right there building it.



What's any great technology without something to drive it? C++ is my focus, however I often use Java for the many projects that require it.

Cloud Computing

The future of computing for everyone rests within cloud computing. I am working with a startup business to redefine what IT means, and how it operates within your business. Once they're fully operational, prepare for a radical change in your IT world.